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Design of Translation: Reflections on Linguistic Practices in Design Research

Cette communication, présentée lors de la conférence IASDR 2019, propose une discussion sur les enjeux linguistiques et culturelles dans la recherche en design, du point de vue de la recherche en design française.

Communication présentée lors de la conférence IASDR 2019, par Marguerite Benony, Zoé Bonnardot, Aurélie Daanen, Rose Dumesny, et Nolwenn Maudet.


[article en anglais] This article proposes a discussion about the linguistic and cultural frictions in design research from a French design research perspective. The DRS2018 conference provided a shared space to observe the diverse practices of design research in different countries and to question the reach of non-native English-speaking design researchers’ voices as well as their strategies for adapting to a mainly anglophone research community. The first part of the article builds on two concrete examples that question the use of English as the normative framework for disseminating research: the policy of research dissemination in France and the semantics of the word design across languages. The second part of the article looks at young design researchers’ strategies to discuss the different “academic bricolages” (academic makeshifts) they design to insert themselves in a globalized context. This article, written by a group of design PhD candidates, whose work cross the boundaries of other disciplines, aims at contributing to the continuous reflexion about design research and its practices.

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Benony, M., Bonnardot, Z., Daanen, A., Dumesny, R., & Maudet, N. (2019, September). Design of Translation: Reflections on Linguistic Practices in Design Research. In IASDR 2019.

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Publié le Sep 03, 2019